Verse for the Week: “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He is risen!” Luke 24:5-6

Scripture Reference for Small Groups: Luke 24:1-8

If you have ever suffered the death of a parent, spouse, grandparent, child, mentor or friend you know that the hurt is so deep it feels like you are dying inside.  Maybe you feel so alone and depressed that you wonder how life will ever be ok.   Jesus Christ was everything to all people. When he died on the cross those that were close to him hurt with such grief that they thought life as they knew it was over. But that was so far from the truth! Jesus came to earth to die and to conquer death!! Death is considered the worst thing ever. It’s permanent. You can’t come back from it, unless you are Jesus, Son of God. This story of Jesus is REAL and it sounds a bit RIDICULOUS but it is RELEVANT to you and me. Crazy right!?  When someone dies you may think that if you could bring that person back it would change everything. Well, that actually happened! Because God raised Jesus from the dead we can have eternal life in heaven with him.  That’s very real. It does sound kind of ridiculous or crazy that something like that happened. Yet the very act of Jesus’ death can give us life. Because of the resurrection power of Jesus, we can overcome anything just as he overcame death. It’s that simple. That’s what makes it relevant to your life and to your situation. When you go through the tough times, financial problems, job loss, and even death, you can have peace because Jesus has overcome the grave. There’s nothing that brings me more peace than knowing he is in complete control of my life. If he can rise from the dead then he can handle whatever life throws at me.  As we reflect this week on Good Friday, silent Saturday, and Easter “Resurrection” Sunday, remember that Jesus died on the cross for you, and he rose from the dead! He lives, therefore, we live and we will one day be raised bodily just like Jesus!

As you grew up, did you know about Jesus and what he did on the cross for you? When did that affect your life if ever?

What other real events written in the Bible seem ridiculous but are so relevant to your life today?  How can you share these stories with others to bring about peace and hope?

Luke 24 talks about Jesus being raised from the dead and the women going to the tomb to witness his not being there. Just prior to his own resurrection, Jesus also raised his friend Lazarus from the dead in John 11. How did that story compare to the story of Jesus and his resurrection?

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