Verse for the Week: “After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the Word of God boldly.” Acts 4:31

Study Reference for Small Groups: Acts 4:23-31

As we watch the news and view social media there appears to be a common thread.  It’s that the actions of one person can really make a difference.  We are told to wash our hands, to distance ourselves from one another and to stay home. By each one of us doing that it should help to stop the spread of this terrible virus.  One person can help stop the virus or keep spreading it.  If you have ever been to a sporting event you have probably had a moment in the stands where everyone begins to pound their feet, clap their hands and shout in unison to the rhythm of a popular song, “We will, we will ROCK you!”  Even as you are reading this you are probably now singing the song and it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome! In this same way it takes one person to pound their feet and clap their hands until all those around them are participating, then the stadium fills with the sounds of a cheering crowd all in unison.  When I think about what God wants to do through us during these uncertain times I get a visual like I described above.  It’s the idea of revival.  It’s what happens when the gospel of Jesus is shared from one person to the next and then to a group and another group culminating in a “stadium” of believers all singing the same tune!  In Acts 4 we learn about Peter and John preaching the gospel and that the chief priests threw them in jail.  In previous verses, we read about the people who believed in Jesus because of the teachings of Peter and John.  When God gets involved in your situation he’s going to rock you! Jesus sent us a helper, Holy Spirit.  He is who lives inside you and makes his home in your heart when you turn your life over to Jesus Christ.  Holy Spirit is the one who starts the feet pounding and the hand clapping and allows us to share that with the next person.  This is the picture of revival.  Even though we are an isolated people right now that does not mean that God is not at work, despite the fear or anxiety God is still working.  The good news is he wants to use you to take his message of hope and peace to the one sitting next to you at the stadium.  Revival is sharing the love of Jesus to everyone and letting it spread it around like the virus! Need help with that?  Holy Spirit is your help.  He is your comfort.  People need help and comfort right now.  So who better then you to bring that to them by way of the Holy Spirit.  Do not be ashamed of the Gospel. Ask Holy Spirit to rock your household for Jesus and pray about ways you can share him with others during this time.

When you are scared, anxious or uneasy in life do you consider the Holy Spirit as your friend, your comforter?

In Acts 4:29-30 Peter prayed and asked for some life rocking requests from God. What are the requests mentioned and what are some requests you would ask for so that Holy Spirit can rock you?

Acts 4:32-37 describes a wonderful time of sharing and love between the people.  This is a result of the bold prayers that were brought forth to God in the previous verses.  What have you experienced in the area of answered prayers in your life and do you believe that God is bringing revival during our time of waiting and isolation?  How can you pray for Holy Spirit to move in your church or your life once we get the opportunity to meet together once again?

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