Verse for the Week: Does God give you his Spirit and work miracles among you by works of the law, or by your believing what you heard? Galatians 3:5

Study Reference for Small Groups: Acts 2:42-47

What’s your sign? When I ask the question your mind might go immediately to astrology. Ironically, Paul said in his letters that signs accompany the presence of the Spirit in a person’s life. If you’ve been touched by God, things like love, joy, peace, patience and kindness characterize your life. But there’s also something more. When the Spirit of God comes in he breaks you out of the religious rituals that bind you, and he does that with his great power. So I ask again, “What’s your sign?” Is God’s Spirit powerfully at work in your life? With that heart, Paul asked the Galatians, “Does God give you his Spirit and work miracles among you by works of the law, or by believing what you heard?” In other words, God’s Spirit manifested himself with great power among the Galatians. He broke into the rigor of their daily rituals with signs and wonders. When God is present miracles take place. All that is necessary to see those signs is to look to God with faith. Do you feel like you need a miracle today? Don’t look to yourself and your own abilities for the answer. You are limited. Look outside of yourself to the God who provides infinitely, abundantly more than you expect and he will blow your mind. If you’ve never felt the powerful presence of God’s Spirit ask him today for a sign and he will give it! When you look to Jesus with faith he will not let you down and will provide all of your needs in abundance. Have a great week!

Application Questions:
When was the last time you felt the Spirit of God move with power in your life?

Would you say that God is usually a powerful presence in your daily life? How do you think you can change that?

In Acts 2:42-47 and Galatians 3:5 it is evident that God’s Spirit manifested himself with power in the early church as people committed their way to Christ. Discuss how your church family might be able to accomplish more by looking to God’s Spirit for vision, power and provision.

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