Have you ever done some reflecting? Sometimes life can bring us to a place where we think about the places we come from and that’s what has been happening to me lately. So I thought I’d take a minute to share with you a little about myself and, hopefully, that can be an encouragement about God’s great work in your life too!

What’s in store?
Where did you start off in life? Maybe you come from an influential family. Or maybe not. Maybe you’ve been successful. Or maybe you got off on the wrong foot and haven’t seemed to be able to recover. Wherever you are or wherever you’ve been, know that God has god things in store for your future. That alone is reason to look to him with faith.

My start
When I was young I didn’t think too much about making a difference in the world. I wanted to be a teacher but not because of the difference I could make. I thought it would be nice to have summers off. Oh, if only life were that easy! My perception of the world, however, began to change a few weeks before my seventeenth birthday as I found myself sitting in a jail cell for playing a prank on the assistant principle at our school. Even though I only spent about eighteen hours there, the event changed the course of my life. While stuck in that space, I sat I read a copy of the Bible and made God a promise to read the Bible when I got out. I know, I make it sound like I did hard time. I guess that’s what happens when you send a kid from the suburbs to jail for the night. The way I tell my story you’d think I started off with a twenty year prison sentence.

But regardless of “how” it happened, it happened. I followed through on that promise. I got a Bible and read it every night before I went to bed for about a year. Near the end of that year I drove a friend home from school who also happened to be a Christian. He shared the good news of Jesus with me and brought me to the church I now pastor.

Your start and future….
So that’s my story in a nutshell. It doesn’t include all of my struggles, situations and shortcomings. It’s just my start. What’s the start to your story? I never would have thought all those years ago, that I’d be serving God on the capacity that I am today. When I read the Bible all those years ago my heart felt alive.  Though I did not realize it at the time, God had a different plan for my life than the one I had imagined for myself. And through all the ups and downs, my start has kept me grounded. It reminds me that God has his own purpose for me and a plan for blessing. I hope you understand that he has the same great things in store for you too. What might those plans be? Connect with God today and he may show you something new about yourself, your circumstances or his glorious future for you!

Faith Application:
If you get a chance leave a comment about how God is working in your life today!

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